Distant Sound

While driving at 100kph along the Puchong-Dengkil expressway, I noticed something.

The engine sound was not that loud anymore. Or was it just a feeling I have? It seems to grow distant.

I guess I won't need the air box after all. But we'll never know. Maybe it's just me being deafened and desensitized.

And driving the Mini barefoot is something that I just did today. It takes some getting used to, but I think I can handle it. Just needs to familiarize with the feeling while braking, when different pressure force is applied. Maybe I'll even try to execute controlled emergency braking while at speeds.

I cannot better the gas mileage just yet. I need a needle changeover, something I have said for a long time, since 2006 I think, but have not done at all.


Muzaffar A Grown Up

Muzaffar is seven today.

And it is his third day in school. Standard 1.

He seems to have no problem adjusting. But I do fear whether he can cope with a hand too full.

But judging from his remaining energy at home, he seems able.

Hope he can be the best he can be, unlike his just-nice dad.

Happy Birthday Along!


Eat Ship Sleep Ship..

A new decade is here.

As for me, it's been hectic. Thus anything about blog, I can't do much.

Currently, working life is all about ships. Think ship, breath ship, touch ship, watch ship, sleep ship.

Luckily I am ever so interested in them. Ever since I can remember.

We'll see whether the shipbuilding industry has anything in it for me.


My Next Car Is...

I have such strong feelings for this car, much so I would probably have it as my next car.

But I do have to read a lot in forums or discussion areas before really jumping ship.

As I seem to read more and more about it, it seems like a friendly car. And quite cheap, as it is below market price, normal for a Korean brand.

It seems large enough for me and my family I think.

Don't be shocked or anything. It's just a normal car.

Yup, the first generation Kia Optima.

Although I might settle for a Perodua Kelisa (which looks so much like a Mini), since my wife's Wira works just fine all these years.


Kids Today

Ever since he's back from his Aunt's wedding, Muzaffar kept asking about it.

He kept pestering us to buy it.

I am just imagining that he be contented with Windows based PC games. But have yet to intro it still.

Now he wants it as present for his 7th birthday.



Bus Again

After what seemed like forever, I boarded a direct bus from Dengkil straight to KL today.

I guess the last time I took the bus was probably in July. And that's already an on-off thing, irregular.

Nothing eventful happened. Less jam too. School holidays and tomorrow's public holiday helped too today.

Come next month, probably need to do something on STELLAR's road tax. I need to be mobile still, even while regularly car-pooling.


The Kirov Class Battlecruiser

One of the greatest ship that ever exist today, has to be this one called the Kirov class battlecruiser from the Cold War era.

Currently only one is operating. But news are, they are going to reactivate the rest (I know there are a total of four, but I think I found five?)

It's so important, that the Americans reactivated their formidable-but-near-obsolete Iowa class battleship. And these ships are the best the Americans have during the Cold War.

Closer To Your Heart

I probably have played this song a hundred times already this week.

FM sure wrote great tunes. Too bad they are not well-promoted as fellow Brit Def Leppard.

I can only write the chorus, there is no lyrics for such an old and unpopular B-sides-only song...

"Tell me what it takes girl
Help me to get closer
To your heart..."

I can never get enough of this song.


Picky Eater

I am a picky eater.

I have always been.

I don't have any memory of eating durian, though I can remember eating eggs indirectly, as recently me being 10 years old. In the form of French toast.

And I remember not liking eggs as recently as 11, when I ordered fried noodles, "without eggs" being added.

I remember eating durian ice cream, and not liking its taste. That's probably the closest that I have ever eaten a durian.

But me being picky has been inherited. Both my son are picky eaters. Though the eldest probably is the pickiest. But I'll probably tell you about that later.


I Play

I currently looped only these few songs.

Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven
Stand Up, Kick Love Into Motion
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Don't Shoot Shotgun

Just find out yourself who the artists might be.


No Multitasking Today

Planned to go to work as well as send my car for repairs, especially with regards to the clutch.

But I only managed to do the latter today.

Tomorrow, work extra hours, I intend.

By the way, the repairs they managed to do, were to overhaul the clutch hydraulic system, the brake pump, replace the pedals and swap the starter motor.

From 1pm to nearly 8pm, the time they spent.



Comparo Ep1

Been a while since I last updated something.

So I'll re-start the blogging fever again, by just making a comparison between two cars.

This will be the comparison between Warrior and Stellar's top gear speed at certain rpm.

At 1000rpm, Warrior = 30kph, Stellar = 28kph

At 2000rpm, Warrior = 60kph, Stellar = 56kph

3000, 90, 84

4000, 120, 112

5000, 150, 140

RPMs of 6000 and above are purely theoretical. Haven't reached those speeds.

6000, 180, 168

7000, 210, 196

8000, you wishhh...

That's all folks..



BZ lately...

It's the project I'm part of that is to blame.

Later guys...


Weeding Operation

I really abuse my fingertips.

It's the Operasi Lalang in my parents' house that is to blame.

But the operation was worth it. I mean, really.

It's an awful lot of weed that accumulate within 14 years. And I got it all out in 3 1-hour sessions. 2 of the sessions I do by myself.

And then, I washed the jagged brick tiles, or mostly half of it. Washing the mosses in between the bricks.

Next time, weeding the flower pots. This one may not take that many sessions, I think.


Acer Back

My Acer is back.

I lost all data, by the way.

It's good though. I just probably need a new start. Though with the same laptop.


Acer Acts

OK now my Acer acts up.

It won't boot up.

Probably a good time too, since it's still under warranty.

May head to the service center today.


Music Duration Test

I have thought about doing a duration test to the Sony Ericsson Z530i under my custody (it's my mum's actually) to prove whether its worthy enough for a long haul trip. Entertainment is a necessity you see.

The battery, meanwhile, is not its original, but comes from a donor W300i damaged by the flickering WSOD (white screen of Death) courtesy of my youngest brother. This will also mean I will do another test using the original battery as well soon.

This test involves playing music from its fullest battery down to some percentage left, which may be necessary to do calls. It involves using the biggest available headphone, the bulky yet worthy Sony MDR-85 I bought in 1997, which still tops all my mobile entertainment stock in terms of sound and clarity. The volume used a majority of the time is 75 percent, which varies plus minus 8 percent mean.

Battery status starts at 96 percent, and ends around 20-ish percent.

By the way, I don't really listen in most of the time. I just start the test and put it aside.

The official result: 9 hours.

After the battery stabilizes, several minutes after music is turned off, the battery capacity is around 23 percent.

I can safely say I could bring the whole entertainment gear to a remote site anywhere within Malaysia West.

I may test a 100 percent volume duration test next.



I feel so bored waiting for the LRT, I suddenly thought about this impromptu test I had wanted to do since long ago, but forgot.

I wanted to see how long is the whole trip from Wangsa Maju to Central Market LRT.

I even counted how long the doors opened for all stations.

These are the results.

Stopwatch starts when the doors slam shut at Wangsa Maju, till the door opens in Central Market.

Total time: 21 minutes and some seconds.

Duration of door longest: 45 seconds at Masjid Jamik

Duration of door shortest: 14 seconds at all stations from Setiawangsa to Damai, and Kg Baru

Duration of door others: 40 seconds for KLCC, 35 seconds for Ampang Park, 20 seconds Dang Wangi

Thank you and good night.



I have to admit, I am addicted to coffee.

I drank quite a lot of that stuff.

Sometimes I see myself downing 4 mugs per day.

That's excessive.

So my first resolution for next year, less caffeine. Other than, less monetary expenses that is.

I have cut down quite a lot lately. Strictly one cup per day. Regardless of how healthy the coffee is.

Maybe in a week or two, I will have it every other day.

In time, once every three days.

Coffee's bad I know. But like Maya Karin said...


The Replacement

Since Nik's absence, I have been contemplating on a replacement, albeit a much cheaper one.

And I have really considered a film SLR instead.

So a few weeks ago, I got me a Nikon F90.

This will mean that I have to be more careful everytime I shoot. No more playful snaps, only costly exposed rolls.

I even have processed my first film 2 weeks ago. I guess I will try to scan them whenever I have access to a scanner (like, at my parents' home).

But, I have to admit, I have hiccups at first, just like I used to back in 1997. But, lesson learnt.